Technology is about people.

In an era where many tech enthusiasts get lost behind screens and codes, I’ve always believed that the real essence of technology lies in its impact on humanity. Unfortunately, the stereotype that tech experts lack social skills sometimes overshadows this truth. I’m here to debunk that.

With 20 years in the IT realm, a decade of which has been deeply rooted in SQL Server, my journey hasn’t been just about codes and algorithms. It’s been about connections, innovations, and empowering people. This passion led me to establish my website, now ranking as one of the world’s top SQL Server blogs.

Being a Microsoft data professional, I’ve faced the whirlwind that is the constant evolution of tech. The race to keep abreast of this fast-paced industry is real, and the fear of lagging behind, even more so. This spurred my venture into blogging and public speaking – a bid to keep myself updated and to uplift others along the way.

Away from the tech world, my heart belongs to Virginia, where I cherish moments with my wife and our three amazing children.