Mohammad Darab
Mohammad Darab

Technology is about people.

Many technical consultants, and IT professionals, forget this (you know, the ones who reinforce the stereotype that we tech types have no social skills). It’s not always true, I promise.

I’ve been in IT for 20 years, with 10 of those focused on SQL Server. But my job isn’t about working on technology; it’s about helping people. This is the reason I started my website, which is now one of the top ranked SQL Server blogs in the world.

As a data professional, I know the anxiety that comes with trying to stay up to date in an industry that moves like lightning. It’s easy to get left behind holding onto skills that are no longer relevant. I began blogging and doing regular speaking engagements as a way to make sure I kept myself up to date while also helping others in the community do the same.

Anyone who has been to one of my sessions or has talked to me for more than five minutes knows that I’m passionate about using technology to help people. If they’ve spoken to me since Microsoft’s 2019 release of SQL Server Big Data Clusters, then they also know all about my newest obsession.

Mohammad Darab MS MVPBig Data Clusters are the future of SQL Server. I know, it’s complex. But this type of cutting-edge technology is how DBAs and data professionals in our field stay relevant, and I’m here to help with that.

In fact, Microsoft recognized my expertise and passion in this area and gave me the Data Platform MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award in July 2020.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive the latest posts and videos directly to your inbox. In the meantime, you can download my session, “Big Data Clusters for the Absolute Beginner,” and learn more about Big Data Clusters with my “How To” articles. I also recommend checking out “SQL Server Big Data Clusters” (2nd edition) by Benjamin Weissman and Enrico van de Laar. I was the technical reviewer for this book, so I know for sure it’s accurate and full of helpful information.

You can contact me directly with any questions you have! Feel free to email me or find me on Twitter at @mwdarab.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my wife and our three kids at home in Virginia.