Your 5 Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Here are the top 5 blog posts of 2016:

1. How to Find Last Login Date of a SQL Server Login? – This was by far the most clicked on blog. It looks like a lot of people need to secure their SQL Server environments :)

2. How to Request a DoD Server Certificate – Working in the DC area, I have a lot of experience working with DISA STIGS, securing and hardening SQL Server.

3. Perfmon Create New Data Collector Set Grayed Out (FIX) – Apparently a lot of people have this issue. The good sign is that people are searching on how to FIX it!

4. How to Read SQL Server Error Log Using sp_readerrorlog – A blog on how to read through the SQL Server error log a lot faster and neater.

5. How to Create SSL Certificate for SQL Server – This goes with #2 above. The process of creating an SSL Certificate for SQL Server can be daunting. I have outlined how to do it here.

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