Review – Brent Ozar’s Performance Tuning Classes

Importance of a Methodology

There are tons of scripts and “how-to” videos on the internet that teach a wide range of topics. My problem is whenever I want to learn something niche. I want to go deep into a niche topic and learn it “A-Z”, but rarely find a guide for that. It’s always been in piecemeal fashion. So when I find a course that offers that “A-Z” style, it definitely grabs my attention. But, the cherry on top for me is when that course/s teaches a methodology.

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SQL Server Scale Up vs Scale Out – Cartoon

I was recently asked what the difference was between “scaling up” and “scaling out.” I thought, “why not draw a cartoon to illustrate?” So below is my attempt at drawing a cartoon to show the difference between the two. (By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, those are servers flexing their biceps. Yes, they have stick legs. I’ve been telling them to do squats but they don’t listen!) :) Continue reading “SQL Server Scale Up vs Scale Out – Cartoon”