Error 3241 in SQL Server

(This is a guest blog post by Daniel Jones (li | t | fb). Daniel is a SQL Server DBA and contributor at SQL Tech Tips. Having 2 + years of experience in SQL recovery and system infrastructure.)

Microsoft SQL Server Backup Error Code 3241 Restore Headeronly

Sometimes, the users of MS SQL server faced an error when they try to restore SQL database from the backup file in the SQL server. This error is known as SQL server error 3241 and it generates the below-mentioned error message.

Error 3241 SQL Server

Due to this error message, the users cannot restore the data from the backup file into SQL Server database. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the reason for the occurrence of error 3241 and the relevant solutions to resolve the error. Continue reading “Error 3241 in SQL Server”

How to View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files

How to View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files

Usually when something goes awry in a SQL Server, the first place that comes to mind to check is the SQL Server error log, or Windows event log. But what if the error was during SQL Server installation? What if you’re installing SQL Server and suddenly the GUI disappears? Poof! Gone! There were no pop-up errors or anything to give you a hint of where to start troubleshooting. Continue reading “How to View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files”

How to Test Connection to SQL Server Using UDL File

This past week at work we had an application go down. The owner of that application rushed over to me and said the database server was down. I logged into the database server and verified that SQL Server service was up and running. To further allay his concern that the database server was blocking his application from making connections, I logged into the application server and quickly created a UDL file to verify the connection. Below is a step-by-step on how I did that so you can use it in case you run into a similar situation where you have to verify if a server can make a successful connection to a SQL Server database server. Continue reading “How to Test Connection to SQL Server Using UDL File”