Stuff and Replace Function in SQL Server : Detailed Description

(This is a guest blog post by Daniel Jones (li | t | fb). Daniel is a SQL Server DBA and contributor at SQL Tech Tips. Having 2 + years of experience in SQL recovery and system infrastructure.)

In SQL Server, STUFF and REPLACE functions are used to replace the characters in a string. Both functions play an important role in Transact-SQL with performing the distinct functionality. In the following section, we are going to discuss about Stuff and Replace function in detail. Continue reading “Stuff and Replace Function in SQL Server : Detailed Description”


This blog post is meant to help distinguish the differences between REORGANIZE and REBUILD when it comes to index fragmentation. If you are serious about learning more of the internals of how indexing works in SQL Server, watch Kimberly Tripp’s (blog | twitter) video called, “Index Internals” here (open link and scroll down to “Index Internals”). Continue reading “INDEX REORGANIZE vs REBUILD in SQL Server”