Pros & Cons of Following MCM & MVPs on Twitter

I follow over 80 people on Twitter. Over 30 of them are MVPs and/or MCMs.

That means when I wake up in the morning and scroll through my Twitter timeline…all I see are tweets to intellectual blog posts, discussions, #sqlhelp replies to tough questions, etc.

This is why following so many MCM and MVPs on Twitter (social media) is like a double-edged sword. Let’s start with the cons: Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Following MCM & MVPs on Twitter”

With All Due Respect…

Recently at work, I came back from lunch to my coworkers yelling,

We’ve been looking for you! You need to restore the database!

I was extremely surprised and caught off-guard by the verbal attack. I tried my best to keep my cool, even though my heart was racing fast, and asked for further explanation as to why I should “restore the database?”

They replied, “We can’t connect to our application!Continue reading “With All Due Respect…”

Blogging Baby Steps

Looking back, I don’t remember a time that I ever liked to write. I was the kid in school that always took forever to write a paper because it was “never good enough.”

With some encouragement from my friend Tim Radney, I decided to take the plunge and travel down the road of blogging. I do work full time as a SQL Server DBA so most of my posts will be centered around things I learn everyday at work.

Like the title of this blog says, I’m starting out with “baby steps” but hopefully I’ll be up and running very soon!