With All Due Respect…

Recently at work, I came back from lunch to my coworkers yelling,

We’ve been looking for you! You need to restore the database!

I was extremely surprised and caught off-guard by the verbal attack. I tried my best to keep my cool, even though my heart was racing fast, and asked for further explanation as to why I should “restore the database?”

They replied, “We can’t connect to our application!

After some reflection I came up with two issues I had with what happened that day:

1. The fact that this application was an internal reporting software application with NO outside client connections. Despite this, they threw professionalism and common respect out the window by ganging up on me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do understand their frustration…but still people should have basic common respect in how they speak to other people.

2. By yelling, “restore the database!” they belittled my intelligence as a SQL DBA. Telling me what the problem is can be a little insulting. It’s like me going to a doctor and tell him what my problem is.

After further troubleshooting, I figured out the reason why their application was not connecting to SQL Server was due to an expired SQL Account password. I reset the password and the application came online. No “restore the database” needed.

The “takeaway” of this blog post is be comfortable in your duties in whatever you do. Be confident. Be proud. Be humble. Always seek to increase your understanding and knowledge in whatever area you work in. Don’t worry when people (who don’t do what you do) yell at you and tell you how to do your job.

Keep your calm.

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