Blog Stats – 2015

My first blog was posted in August of 2015. I didn’t think anyone would ever come to my site but that started to change the more I kept making posts.

Why Post Your Blog Stats?

To me, it’s pure motivation. I love numbers, stats, graphs, etc. So why not? I was a little hesitant to publish in the beginning because of how small my numbers were. It’s like the guy who just started going to lift weights at the gym and is embarrassed that he’s barely bench-pressing the bar next to guys benching 45s. Well, where did they start out? :) Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up.

Below you will find three snapshots with key page view/visitor information.

Blog Stats Visitors 2015

As you can see, the stats are pretty flat until August.

Google Analytics Blog Pageviews 2015

I was, and still am, super excited that people from around the world are coming to my blog. A true motivation!

Blog Stats for 2015

On to a great 2016!

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