V-43196 – SQL Server 2012 Database Instance DISA STIGs

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Title: “Domain accounts used to manage a SQL Server platform must be different from those used to manage other platforms.”

Severity = Medium

Details = Determine the accounts being used to manage the SQL Server operating system. Determine whether the same accounts are being used to manage other platforms. If the same account is used to manage more than one platform, this is a finding.

Note: If, because of the application configuration, there are multiple instances of SQL that would share a given exploit, a single account would be allowed to be used for the group and would not be considered a finding.

FIX: Set up and use separate domain accounts to manage the SQL Server platform. These accounts must be different from those used to manage other platforms.

MSDN has a great article that addresses security considerations for a SQL Server installation. Read the article here. I also highly recommend buying a great book by Denny Cherry called, “Securing SQL Server.” I did a review of the book that you can read here.

Book Review – “Securing SQL Server 3rd Edition” by Denny Cherry


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