Book Review – “Healthy SQL” by Robert Pearl

During my first SQL Saturday event I won a book called “Healthy SQL” by Robert Pearl. I was pretty excited because not only did I win something, but I love to learn about improving the performance of SQL Server. This was a win-win for me.

Robert’s book is titled: “Healthy SQL, A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy SQL Server Performance.” I must say that it is really comprehensive and a must-have in a DBA’s arsenal of go-to material. I highly recommend it.

Healthy SQL, by Robert Pearl

Healthy SQL by Robert Pearl
Healthy SQL by Robert Pearl

Robert begins Chapter 1 with an introduction to Healthy SQL. From explaining why you, as a DBA, should care, what you will learn, to what is a SQL Health Check. Over the span of 10 chapters, Robert details the important task of creating a road map, talks about Waits and Queues, Indexes, Monitoring, HA/DR, as well as surviving an Audit (Chapter 10).

If you’ve always wanted an “A to Z” guide on understanding and implementing SQL Server performance / monitoring on your database environment, this book is it. There are a lot of tools, programs, and scripts out there that can be a little daunting to the beginner. Trust me when I say, take your time and read through Healthy SQL first. It will not only educate you on the tools that matter but give you a better understanding on what to look for when you start “googling” your database problems.

About the Author

Robert Pearl (b | t), President and Founder of Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc., is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2009, having received his 5th MVP recognition award. Professionally, he is a solutions-oriented Senior DBA with 15+ years of experience, and is considered a Subject Matter Expert on SQL Server technology.*

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