My Very First SQL Saturday Event – SQLSatDC

I attended my very FIRST SQLSaturday event in DC an absolutely loved it. I attended workshops by MCM and MVP Brent Ozar (b | t), MS Senior PFE Ayman El-Ghazali (b | t), MS PFE Patrick Keisler (b | t) and MCM Wayne Sheffield (b | t). If you want to see the session schedule with all Powerpoint presentations, go here.

For anyone who has not been to a SQL Saturday event, it goes something like this…

First, you sign in and get your badge and goodie bag (see pic below). The night prior to attending you print out the vendor raffle tickets and have them ready because after signing in you go around to each vendor and put your raffle ticket in a box. The raffle isn’t mandatory, but why not do it?! Then you go to your first session of the day. The great thing about the atmosphere of SQL Saturday sessions is you can attend whatever interests you. If you walk into a session and don’t like it, you can get up and walk out. No hard feelings. In fact, a few speakers recommended that. After 2-3 1 hour sessions, there is a lunch period. After lunch you go back to a few more sessions before everyone gathers up for the raffle. After that, everyone goes home and is super excited about increasing their SQL Server knowledge! :)


Stuff We All Get. I’m really not the type to get free stuff just because it’s free. But something about today made me think, “what the hell?!” :)



I was most excited to “win” a great book called Healthy SQL by Robert Pearl.

Of course, the SWAG wasn’t the only thing great about attending a SQL Saturday event. I listed a few things that I found great about attending an event like this.

3 Reasons to Attend SQLSaturday

1. It’s free! – No strain on your wallet.
2. You meet amazing people. That includes the speakers, vendors and attendees!
3. It rejuvenates the soul. If you feel like your career is at a standstill, or your job is boring, etc. going to an event like SQLSaturday will definitely open your eyes to other possible opportunities. It’ll make you realize that things happen if YOU take the first step.

I hope this blog was helpful. I am looking forward to being an active member of the SQL Server community. Feel free to connect via Twitter @mwdarab

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