How I Studied for, and Passed, Microsoft Exam: AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals

This whole “social distancing” is a perfect time to spruce up the resume. What better way than to add a new certificate? I recently took the Microsoft AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals exam and want to share the two-pronged approach I took to pass.

Before I go into that, I want to talk about the importance of the AZ 900 exam. This is my first certificate in Azure. I have some experience working with Azure through deploying Big Data Clusters on Azure Kubernetes Service. So not every concept was new to me, but I still decided it would be a good idea to expand my fundamental knowledge of Azure.

How Did I Pass

First, the totally free method: Microsoft Learn.

I went over the Microsoft Learn Azure Fundamental series. Microsoft has a done a great job revamping their entire certification program to include these learning paths. This is absolutely free (and that’s why I did it first). The entire series is broken up into 12 modules. Each module addresses a specific aspect. For example, learning cloud concepts like elasticity, fault tolerance and disaster recovery (to name a few). At the end of each module there are “knowledge check” questions which are great.

Second, practice exams: Whizlabs

The practice exam on for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals was some of the most comprehensive material I have seen. There are 5 practice exams with a total of 55 questions in each. That’s a total of 275 practice questions. The best part about Whizlabs is the price. MeasureUp, for example, is $99 for the exam for a limited 30-day access. Whizlabs has more material, with no time restriction for $16. When I signed up for Whizlabs, they had a site-wide 50% off coupon WHIZSITE50.

It was a no-brainer to go with Whizlabs.

The Exam

The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals exam costs $99 and has a total 34 questions. It requires a minimum of 700 score to pass. The questions I had were very straight forward and none of them were “trick” questions.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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