How to Enable SQL Server Agent on a Big Data Cluster

There are a few server-wide configurations that you cannot setup during inital Big Data Cluster deployment. One of those is enabling SQL Agent service. That’s right. If you have deployed a Big Data Cluster you will notice the SQL Server Agent is disabled by default (see screenshot below):

SQL Agent Disbaled in Big Data Cluster

In order to enable the SQL Agent, Microsoft has provided a workaround. I’m sure in a future release you will have that option, but as of right now there is no other way. The process is straight forward.

  1. Create a .conf file with specific agent snippet inside.
  2. Copy that file to the mssql-server container running on the master-0 pod.
  3. Restart the mssql-server service from within that container.

I walk you through the steps in the video below:

There is one thing to note, if you are running a BDC with HA mode and have multiple master pods you will have to do this on all master pods. So plan accordingly as there will be down time.

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