IEPTO2: Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 2 (Competition)

Paul Randal, of SQLSkills, recently announced a chance to win a free seat in their 5-day IEPTO1 or IEPTO2 classes in October (2017). You can sign up for their SQL Insider’s newsletter here.

I was extremely fortunate to attend IEPTO1 back in Spring 2015 and blogged about it here.

This blog post is hopefully to win a free seat in IEPTO2.

Why I want to attend IEPTO2 taught by SQLSkills

After attending IEPTO1, I was confident enough to interview and get a job that treasured employees that seek knowledge in their field. At the recommendation of Tim Radney, of SQLSkills, I created this blog, purchased my very first heavy-duty laptop (Dell M6800, 32GB RAM, 1.5TB SSD, etc) to create a lab environment, and did all the IEPTO1 homework that Kimberly and Paul suggested we do.

I want to attend IEPTO2 because in my current job, I am the SQL Server Engineer solely in charge of deploying a high available solution, using Windows Server Failover Cluster and SQL Server, as part of the Joint Strike Fighter (F35) program. I want to dive deeper into SQL Server!

Why I’ll make the best use of the knowledge I’ll get from being in the class

Since everything is being built from scratch, the knowledge I would get from IEPTO2 would directly relate to my current job. Topics such as Module 2 (IO concepts), Module 3 (Storage) and Module 4 (SQLOS / CPU) would help me tremendously in the production build-out of the SQL Server environment. I could literally put to use what I learned as soon as I got back from attending IEPTO2. What perfect timing for a chance to win!

What my favorite performance tuning challenge is

My favorite performance tuning challenge is index tuning. When it comes to performance tuning indexes, I have to admit that I need more experience/knowledge. It’s still my favorite though because I know how HUGE of a difference having the right indexes make in performance! I remember a story Kimberly told (during IEPTO1) about a client that had the wrong indexes. and were having horrible performance. Once she tuned the indexes, the SQL Server was blazing fast! I love that type of stuff!

[UPDATE: 08/14/2017 – Congratulations to all the winners!]

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