Power BI – Free Dashboard in a Day Workshop

I am wrapping up my 4th week at Microsoft and part of my “ramp up training” is becoming familiar with Power BI. (Apparently it’s in high demand :) The only experience I have with BI / Reporting tool is setting up SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) and creating a couple basic reports using Report Builder.

I’m currently taking a Power BI workshop called “Dashboard in a Day”. The workshop provides free sample data, reports, excel files, etc. so it makes it super easy to follow along. It covers Power BI topics from Accessing Data to Data Virtualization. I’m sharing this with you in case you’re looking to ramp up on Power BI.

How to Get Started – Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)

Just follow the steps below:

1. Download and install PowerBI desktop (it’s free)
2. Download the .zip file workshop materials (find different language offerings here)
3. Start the series with this YouTube video

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