T-SQL Tuesday #115 – Dear 20 Year Old Self – Round Up

It was an absolute honor to host this month’s TSQL Tuesday. I decided on doing the “Dear 20 year old self” as a way for us to reflect on life. It seemed like this topic hit home with a lot of people. I enjoyed reading each one of the posts.

If you don’t find your post in this Round Up, please email me your link and I will update this post!

The Round Up

Rob Farley talks about the significance of data, the significance of community, and the risk of not having a full-time job – A letter to a former me

Rich Benner talks about finishing up his degree sooner! Enjoying his hair (while it lasts) and keeping active with Rugby so he doesn’t get fat! – Dear 20 Year Old Self

Malathi Mahadevan shares a wealth of life learned lessons. A few stand out that I really can connect with. Being comfortable with who you are, picking your battles and forgiving and letting go. – Dear 20 Year Old Self

Kevin Chant talks about the importance of focusing on one thing and learning that well, like SQL Server and the importance of learning automation and most importantly…getting used to working with Dutch people! :)  – Dear 20 Year Old Self

Jason Brimhall stresses the importance of paying respect to those giving of their time, but to also spent a little time giving back to the community. This will truly foster growth! – Note to Self

Allan Hirt shares the importance of health, sleep, eating and drinking. Overall listening to the body. He also mentions something that hits home with me, making major decisions with the bigger picture in mind and choosing people wisely. – A Letter to Myself at 20

Deborah Melkin says to trust in yourself! Having ambition is huge at the same time not allowing for things to hold you back. Keep moving forward. And most importantly, make moves based on these ambitions and instincts! Don’t wait for permission! – Dear 20-Year-Old Me

K. Brian Kelley shares the importance of not living in the past. Working on soft skills and finding that work-life balance. – A Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

Nate Johnson stresses that despite the “fun times” in his 20’s, to get serious and focus on his career and finding his true love! – Dear 20-year old Self

Kendra Little shares the importance of setting work boundaries so that you actually have a life outside of work. – A letter to my 20 year-old self

Wayne Sheffield shares some valuable advice. The #1 thing that he regrets is not spending enough time with his children while in the Navy. Spend whatever extra time you have with your children. Learn all you can about SQL Server and invest whatever you have in companies like Microsoft, Apple, M&T Bank, Intel and Google. – Notes to 20 year old Wayne

Matt Gordon shares the importance of expanding your horizon and understanding by surrounding yourself with people of different backgrounds. Also to trust those who believe in you and do not wait so long to truly absorb that! – Gonna Blog Like It’s 1999 (Hello, Past Me)

Todd Kleinhans shares the background of his wild past! But it’s been 30 years since his wild days! Now, his advice is quite simple: Live a frugal life. Invest and save your money. – Dear 20 Year Old Me

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