How To Request vCPU Core Quota Increase in Azure

Recently I was in the process of creating a AKS cluster and encountered an error:

Operation failed with status: ‘Bad Request’. Details: Provisioning of resource(s) for container service myfirstcluster in resource group sqlresourcegroup failed.
Message: Operation results in exceeding quota limits of standardDSv2Family Cores. Maximum allowed: 20, Current in use: 0, Additional requested: 32.
Please read more about quota increase at

By default, you get 10 cores (I believe) and in order to have more cores you need to open a help desk ticket with Azure. Below are the steps I took to request a core quota limit increase:

First, Log into the Azure Portal and click on Help + support on the lower left and side. Select the following options from the drop down before hitting “Next: Solution” button (see image)

Once you click Next, you will get to the Details page. Click on the “Provide details” hyperlink and that will open the Quote details page. Pick the appropriate Location and SKU Family then enter the number of cores you would like in the “New Limit” text box. In my example you see the current number as 100. Initially that was 10 and I requested an increase to 100.

After that, click Save and continue and select a “preferred contact method” and submit the ticket. I was surprised at how quick I got my quota increase approved. It seemed like it was instant.

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