IDERA ACE Class of 2019

I remember first hearing about the IDERA ACE program a little over a year ago (in 2017). Previous to that, I had no idea that companies existed that helped out the SQL Server community. As soon as I read-up about the ACE program I emailed asking how I could apply. Of course, I had missed the 2018 submission deadline by a few weeks. So I had to wait an entire year to apply…

I decided to take my “game” up a notch by presenting at SQL Saturdays during the first half of 2018. I also planned on finally attending the PASS SUMMIT for the first time, but that plan got side-swiped when we found out we’re having a baby…Oh, and the due date was Nov 14th!

When time came to submit for the IDERA ACE program, I submitted and hoped for the best! The process was pretty straight-forward. You fill out a one page application and email it in. After a few weeks you get an email to schedule a phone interview. The point of the phone interview is so IDERA can get to know you a little more, your passion, areas of interest (for presenting) etc. About a week after that, you get notified whether you made it via email. We are asked to keep it on the down-low (so 90’s), until IDERA makes the official announcement at the PASS SUMMIT.

I was extremely honored when I received an email from IDERA notifying me that I was accepted into the IDERA ACE program for 2019.

Thank you IDERA for choosing me!

IDERA ACE Class of 2019

IDERA ACE Class 2019The class of 2019 includes some amazing people! Below is the full list of the IDERA ACE Class of 2019:

  1. Ginger Grant
  2. Matt Gordon
  3. Eric Blinn
  4. Elizabeth Noble
  5. Angela Tidwell
  6. Samir Behara
  7. Lesley Andrews
  8. Mitchell Bottel
  9. Yours Truly

You can read all about them here.

My Biggest Motivation

I would say the biggest thing I am looking forward to in 2019 is making new friends in the community. Everyone has a unique story to tell and I cannot wait to hear their stories and make life long friendships!

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