Podcast Review – Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited

It takes me roughly 45 minutes to get to work. I don’t like to listen to the radio. Last time I listened to the radio while driving I was blasting Pearl Jam, STP, Nirvana (yes, back in the 90s). Nowadays, I spend my driving time pondering about life, work, etc. How can I get better at work? How can I increase my knowledge of SQL Server? (Yes, I actually do think about that) What blogs, books, videos, podcasts are out there at I have not yet read/heard?

Office Hours Podcast

Podcast Review - Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited
Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited

Luckily for me, Brent Ozar (b | t) has recently launched his “Office Hours” live webinar event as a podcast and it’s available on iTunes. I recently subscribed to it and binge listened to all the episodes over the course of two days. (Yes, I binge listened to a SQL Server podcast on my way to and from work. Don’t hate. :)

What I love about Office Hours Podcast

There are numerous things I love about this podcast. First, I love the fact that they get STRAIGHT to the questions. There isn’t any fluff or filler. Second, the content they talk about are questions that you and I ask during the live event recording. So just ask whatever question/s you have during the live event and it’ll be on the podcast for others to listen and hopefully learn from. Last, but not least, I love their sense of humor. Everyone on the team seems to have a great sense of humor which keeps the listener from wanting to press stop. +1 :)

Can it be better?

Since this is an audio-only podcast, it’s crucial to have great audio. There are times during the podcast that I cannot audibly understand what people are saying. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the headset, or earphones / microphone. If they can address the audio quality, then that would be icing on the “podcast cake.”

How to Subscribe

I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast especially if you love learning about SQL Server. In fact, if you leave a rating and review via iTunes, Brent will offer you a 78% OFF coupon code to apply on their video classes! That is a deal you cannot refuse! Find out more details about that here.

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