How to Enable or Disable Intellisense in SSMS

If for some ODD reason you want to disable Intellisense in SQL Server Management Studio, there is a very easy way to do so.

How to Enable or Disable Intellisense in SSMS

Open SSMS – Click on Tools, Options, Expand Text Editor, Transact – SQL, and then click on Intellisense (check screenshot below)

[quads id=1]

Disable or Enable Intellisense in SSMS

It’s as simple as that! If you are trying to enable / disable to refresh the Intellisense cache because you have the red squiggly underline in your T-SQL, check out my post here to show you an easier way to refresh your Intellisense cache in SSMS.

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  1. obviously you haven’t tried this…and that odd reason is i can type faster than it takes to populate the list and i love typing in GO then having to hit enter again to get past the intellisense crap.

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