Please Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes Like These

I recently came across a tweet by Microsoft MVP Adam Machanic (b | t) that caught my attention (see below):

Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes

3 hours Eh?

At first glance I thought Adam was serious. Then logic settled in. How can anyone master anything in 3 hours? Absolute nonsense. The best way to judge these courses is contacting the trainers/teachers, before making any purchases, and asking them how long it took THEM to “master” the subject. Then, reach out to professionals already in the field via social media, email, etc and ask them what they think of the course. Always do your research before you shell out your hard-earned cash.

A Question for the Scammers

What if this was your wife, daughter, uncle, or other dear family member that paid over 3000.00 for a course like the one mentioned above.. would you be okay with that?

Book Review – “Healthy SQL” by Robert Pearl

During my first SQL Saturday event I won a book called “Healthy SQL” by Robert Pearl. I was pretty excited because not only did I win something, but I love to learn about improving the performance of SQL Server. This was a win-win for me.

Robert’s book is titled: “Healthy SQL, A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy SQL Server Performance.” I must say that it is really comprehensive and a must-have in a DBA’s arsenal of go-to material. I highly recommend it.

Healthy SQL, by Robert Pearl

Healthy SQL by Robert Pearl
Healthy SQL by Robert Pearl

Robert begins Chapter 1 with an introduction to Healthy SQL. From explaining why you, as a DBA, should care, what you will learn, to what is a SQL Health Check. Over the span of 10 chapters, Robert details the important task of creating a road map, talks about Waits and Queues, Indexes, Monitoring, HA/DR, as well as surviving an Audit (Chapter 10).

If you’ve always wanted an “A to Z” guide on understanding and implementing SQL Server performance / monitoring on your database environment, this book is it. There are a lot of tools, programs, and scripts out there that can be a little daunting to the beginner. Trust me when I say, take your time and read through Healthy SQL first. It will not only educate you on the tools that matter but give you a better understanding on what to look for when you start “googling” your database problems.

About the Author

Robert Pearl (b | t), President and Founder of Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc., is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2009, having received his 5th MVP recognition award. Professionally, he is a solutions-oriented Senior DBA with 15+ years of experience, and is considered a Subject Matter Expert on SQL Server technology.*